Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Summa Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has been working at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station for the past 25 years.  During this time we have renovated the water reclamation facility center columns, gravity filters, and other structures. 

Trickling filter renovation has included the installation of new and refurbished steel, blowers, motors, and duct work. 

Upgrades to gravity filters have included the fabrication and installation of new troughs, structural steel, grating, and access ladders, in addition to the replacement of filter media.

Chemical building upgrades have included the installation of new piping, a new tank, and a new roof.   

We have also completed new custom stainless steel sump covers and piping with dresser couplings, as well as cladding renovations and coatings.  Additionally, we have performed extensive welding and patching at PVNGS.  We have worked on the replacement of gates, weirs, filter troughs, chemical tanks, pumps, and handrails, and have installed new acid lines. 

Springerville Power Plant

As a subcontractor to Klondyke Construction, we installed pumps, butterfly isolation valves, drain valves, and operators for new ponds at the Springerville Power Plant.  Additionally we shop fabricated and installed piping, fittings, flanges, and pipe supports for relocated utilities and new services.  We completed final connections to cooling tower makeup water and the gravity filter supply systems. 

Cholla Power Plant

We fabricated and installed 20, 14, 8, and 4 inch carbon steel and HDPE piping for the water system.  This work involved complete outage schedule coordination with the project team to include key stake holders such as plant operations, excavation, and concrete trench work.

Harquahala Generating Station

Summa fabricated and installed new 12-gauge square, welded exhaust systems for the three turbines at this new facility.  This project involved complex rigging.  We also installed the HVAC duct work and units for the gas compressor building. 

Arlington Valley Energy Facility

We installed the new water treatment facility for Shaw Construction including fabrication and installation of all the piping systems (stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, CPVC, copper, etc.), precision setting of all mechanical skids, chemical treatment equipment, pumps, tanks, and silos.  We assembled and installed the new filter press, clarifier, thickener equipment, platforms, ladders and handrails, aligned and grouted equipment, insulated, painted, tested, and assisted with start-up. 

Panda Gila River Energy Facility

Summa Mechanical installed 54" chrome-moly welded duct work for the zero liquid discharge units.  We assembled and installed vapor compressor equipment and pumps, as well as multi-level platforms, stairs, and handrails.  We aligned equipment, grouted, and tested. 

Mesquite Power Plant

We performed gear box maintenance and overall inspection and repair of the eleven cooling towers during the fall maintenance shutdown.  We also fixed leaking valves, replaced valve packing, ran stainless steel tubing for controls, and installed control devices.