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Samantha Kitchen

Samantha Kitchen has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University and an MBA from the University of Arizona. At Summa Mechanical Samantha's responsibilities include estimating and project management.  She focuses on project cost management, scheduling, labor management, material procurement, submittal processing, plan review, and shop oversight for our projects.  Samantha is also heavily involved throughout the entire construction process, from preconstruction to the close-out and as-built process, spending a majority of her time at our job sites.

John Summa

John Summa

John Summa has a BS in Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and has 38 years of experience in industrial, mechanical, and prime contracting.  He founded Summa Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in 1979.

John has successfully overseen and managed many multi-million dollar CMAR contracts.  He is the chief estimator at Summa Mechanical, and has the ability to estimate a full job based on preliminary design documents.


Jeff acts as a liaison between the field and project management teams providing reports on construction progress, safety concerns, subcontractor performance, and overall job health.  Jeff also spearheads RFIs, submittals, schedule maintenance, and ensures installations meet code and specifications.

Installation Personnel

As a signatory contractor, we can increase and decrease our work force at a moment's notice.  Additionally, we have the ability to request employees with special training or certifications, including different welding types, equipment training, and equipment precision alignment training.  However, to ensure continuity and quality, we have maintained a core group of long-term field employees over the years, creating an effective and efficient team that is able to meet the needs of any project.

All of our employees complete a rigorous training program requiring over 10,000 hours of on-the-job training, as well as 1,200 hours of classroom education from certified instructors.  Many of our employees hold multiple certifications in welding, equipment usage, and safety.