hexcel|  casa grande, Arizona

Installed 50,000 linear feet of stainless steel process piping and associated appurtenances.  

Intel|  Chandler, Arizona

Installed new chiller plant, as well as pumps, cooling towers, and piping for an expansion at the Intel - Chandler facility.  This included the installation of 36" chilled water and condenser water piping, supports, valves, and miscellaneous equipment.

Ralston Purina Dog Food Plant|  Flagstaff, Arizona

John Summa managed the installation of the original piping and equipment in this 750,000 sq. ft. plant in 1973, prior to founding Summa Mechanical Contractors, Inc.  He returned with Summa Mechanical to upgrade piping, pumps, valves, and supports, as well as conveyors, chutes, and hoppers in 2003.

Rubbermaid Plant|  Kingman, Arizona

We installed chilled water piping, condenser water piping, and air piping to numerous injection molding machines, cooling towers, water storage tanks, chillers, and pumps.